On July 14, 2012 at 23:00 local time, we will be hosting a free worldwide screening of the inspiring short films “Summer Night. Dream. Freedom. Love”.

Our mission is to unite the people of the world for a summer night of warm wind, falling stars and memorable experiences. This is our chance to create something invaluable together, something for which we all strive. For love is real, freedom is everyone’s entitlement, and dreams are but waiting to be realized.

Our goal is to make this come true everywhere for at least one night. The films will be screened around the world in city parks, on central streets and within the comfort of your private home. “Dream,” “freedom” and “love” are not just words; within them lies something special and unique to each person.

If you are interested in joining us, please find your way to one of our screenings. It premises to be an inspiring event and a unique experience for all. If you are unable to make it, check out the full program online starting July 14. FAQ.

The screening is not for profit and is not connected to any political or religious organization. Our drive is simply to give something pure to people everywhere. Organizers.

Help us by spreading the world, and if you’d like to organize a screening in your local area, just write us and we will help you prepare and add you to our list of participants cities. 515-604-5402.


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